Buses – a young person’s view

People waiting at a bus stop

Where is that bus?

Over the summer holidays, pteg, as part of the cross-sector ‘Taking forward travel and transport for children and young people’ group, brought together young people, transport operators, local transport authorities, central government and voluntary sector organisations to discuss bus travel.

We were really impressed by the young people who took part and were inspired to offer a ‘guest blogger’ post to a member of the UK Youth Parliament. In response, the UKYP selected this no-holds-barred post by Helen Rendle, Member of Youth Parliament for Fylde. Well, we did ask for it… 

Stood at the bus stop with a sign that says goes both ways waiting for the bus

Bus should be here and the rain is getting worse…I really wish there was a shelter

Bus is really late it’s a Sunday and the bus only comes once an hour…I wish my mum had taken me

I’m going to be really late and am getting really wet…I wonder if the bus was really early? It was last week and I got a warning at work for being so late, how else am I meant to get to work it’s too far to walk.

Bus finally arrived and just paid £5.90 for a return that only takes 20 minutes because I’m an adult according to the bus driver but technically I’m still a child until I’m 18, why should I pay for an adult when I’m not allowed in pubs, or to vote and not allowed my own phone contract yet I’m allowed to travel on a bus for an adult? I’m a student to get to work it costs me 2 hours of my wages to get to work. And it’s just as bad when you’re under 16; my friend who is 15 got told she needed proof of ID but she goes to school what’s she meant to do? Carry her passport with her every time she wants to get a bus? The driver was so rude it was like I wasn’t a real person yet I’m paying for an adult it’s not even like I’m trying to pretend I’m 15 or 16. He snatched my money and set off before I’d even got to my seat which sent me flying into an older woman who tutted and muttered yob. I am not playing music loudly, smoking, drinking or intimidating anyone unlike those men sat at the back are and they clearly aren’t young people.

Finally arrived: late. The driver missed my stop not realising it was a stop so had to walk back…late again.

Young people face this sort of treatment regularly on their bus journeys, is this a fair system?

Young people want:

  • Childs fares while they are still classed as children.
  • Bus drivers to trust them and treat them like any other person who gets on the bus; we are paying customers too
  • Buses to run more reliably
  • The bus stops to be more than just a pole- they at least need a timetable and shelters.

Helen Rendle, MYP for Fylde

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